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Dan Seidel July 24, 2014 at 08:18 PM
the democRATS complaining of "ethics"? GET RID OF THE PARTY SLUSH FUNDS and PACS, BEN!!!Read MoreT ELL YOUR WHITE PLAINS RAT PALS TO STOP TAKING MONEY FROM THE FASNY DEVELOPER: WITH AN APPLICATION SITTING BEFORE THEM??!!! talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!! lawyers ethics: DR8-101 - ACTION AS A PUBLIC OFFICIAL: A lawyer who holds public office SHALL NOT: accept anything (ANYTHING!!!!) OF VALUE FROM any PERSON WHEN THE LAWYER KNOWS OR IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THE OFFER IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF INFLUENCING THE LAWYER'S ACTION AS A PUBLIC OFFICIAL!!!!!! Is THAT too much for you to understand, Ben? OUR MAYOR TOM ROACH, AN ATTORNEY, TOOK MONEY FOR HIS CAMPAIGN FROM THE FASNY PEOPLE - TO THE TUNE OF ALMOST $4000 - that's cool though - it's a democRAT! no guts, Ben, no guts. stinks LIKE A BRIBE TO ME - NO? that's my opinion - stinks like a bribe! You are a KNOW NOTHING, SAY NOTHING hack.
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