Food Bank for Westchester Recognizes 25 Years of Fighting Hunger

Dave Ring, Tony Altamura, Kevin Plunkett
Dave Ring, Tony Altamura, Kevin Plunkett

The Food Bank for Westchester is marking 25 years of fighting hunger in Westchester County. In recognition of this monumental achievement, the Food Bank was proud to salute the board presidents who have guided and led the organization at the Annual Valentine’s Day Wine Tasting Dinner on Friday, February 7, 2014 at Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown. The Food Bank’s ‘Salute to Leadership’ proudly recognized the combined 25 year contribution and service of the following former  and current board presidents: Joseph Masterson (1988 to1990); the Rev. John Duffell (1991 to 1992); Joel Mounty (1993 to 1994); Patricia Murphy (1995,1996, 1997); William Harrington (1998,1999, 2000); William Bernstein (2001 to 2003); Robert Redis (2004 to 2007); Spencer Barback (2008 to 2010); and current board chair, Rick Rakow (2011-present). 


“For 25 years the Food Bank for Westchester has been leading the charge to end hunger and improving lives across the county,” said Ellen Lynch, Executive Director. “We are proud to salute the dedication and efforts of all of our volunteers, and board members, past and present.”



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