Sunrise Detox Public Hearing

On Wednesday January 8 there will be a public hearing at the zoning board of appeals regarding the Sunrise detox center. Commissioner Amadio has ruled against this facility but Sunrise is looking to overturn his decision. If the Zoning Board of Appeals reverses the Commissioner's decision a dangerous precedent will be set that puts our whole city at risk.
   Sunrise detox is a short term inpatient drug and alcohol detox facility who is looking to operate at 37 DeKalb Ave at the site of the former Nathan Miller Nursing Home. DeKalb Ave. is in the Carhart neighborhood, one of White Plains close in neighborhoods, and is zoned for residential/multi-family housing. The Carhart neighborhood needs your support to fight this project. We are not against anyone getting the medical help they need, this is a location/zoning issue. Please come support us at City Hall 7pm Jan 8.  Remember, the outcome of this will affect ALL of our residential neighborhoods.


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