Open Door Takes Moving Campaign to Facebook

Jeffrey Guzman, 15, has created a Facebook page supporting Open Door's move to North Broadway, full of links and letters and looking for Likes.

Open Door is still hoping a turn in neighborhood opinion will help them get them get the board approvals necessary to move to the intersection of New and North Broadway.

Fifteen-year-old Jeffrey Guzman, a patient and a volunteer at the center, felt strongly enough about the place that he asked CEO Lindsay Farrell if he could write about their struggle. She gave him the go-ahead and he posted a Patch opinion piece so much beyond his years that some thought it must have come from their lawyer. 

Now, this media savvy teen, has taken his campaign to Facebook, creating a page in support of the move.

It’s called “Open Door @ 300 N. Broadway” and it’s looking for Likes.

He writes an introduction to himself and his cause:

My name is Jeffrey Guzman, I am 15 years old, and I'm a patient and volunteer at Open Door Family Medical Centers. I've created this page because over the past 7 months I've seen a really sad event.

Open Door wishes to move from its old, rundown building at 80 Beekman Ave. The 2nd floor isn't even safe enough to use, thus limiting space in half. This prevents the facility from expanding its services to the low income patients it serves. These low income families are already under served and should be getting quality care like any middle class or high class person. Open Door is Federally Qualified but it still has not reached its full potential.

That's why it wishes to move to 300 New Broadway, a recently renovated building. Unfortunately, it has faced opposition from many of the residents in the area surrounding it called, Webber Park. Many concerns have stemmed including parking, traffic, and safety.

These concerns are understandable as people want the best neighborhood possible, but 300 New Broadway is zoned as a commercial building, and has remained vacant for years because off all this opposition. Open Door has addressed the issues (read Closing the Door On An Opportunity or any of the traffic studies, below) yet still there is opposition. Many supporters believe, this opposition is driven by fear of a decrease in home value and neighborhood integrity, because of class and race associated with Open Door.

He’s bolstered the page with many link to citizen letters of support, traffic reports, newspaper articles, photos, and finally his own Patch post:

The July Board hearing had been held the day prior to this article's release, and the ensuing debate which lasted 120 comments, got very heated.

Guzman welcomes the debate, but would prefer support. He asks readers to Like the page and spread the word. "Make your voice heard! If we all stick together, we will make Open Door's relocation happen! And we will be able to allow patients to get even better care and service," Guzman writes. 

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Are you for or opposed to Open Door's move to North Broadway? Weigh in here.

Marian January 18, 2013 at 01:55 AM
The CEO of OD needs to take an honest look at all of the facilities. Mount Kisco cannot be compared to 1 New Broadway; it is located in an area that is not as congested, on the corner of route 133 and Maple Ave (right across the tracks from the train station). They have parking in the rear and a huge municipal within close proximity (diagonally across the street), as does Ossining (which has multiple lots, either in the rear or across the street), and Port Chester (which has a multistory car park immediately across the street. 1 New Broadway does not provide that type of infrastructure. And you really should not call honest businesses such as the diner (who provide jobs, pay property taxes and collect sales tax) a joke. It appears that OD thinks that the ZONING LAWS do not apply to them. If this were a private company with a similar type of business (volume and size); they would have purchased the property contingent on zoning/planning board approval and not try to steam-roll their agenda on the residents of the neighborhood that OD claims to care so much about. What? Are they the only ones who are ENTITLED? Since you have accused of being selfish, don't you think that OD and Phelps are being selfish, thinking only of themselves and not of the impact their actions are having on the community-at-large? I noticed that neither Ms Farrell not Mr Safian live in a community that has an Open Door; I wonder why?
Rose Sawyer January 18, 2013 at 03:13 AM
It is unfortunate that no one from OD in a position of authority has bothered to comment on this issue. The ONLY one who takes this stand publicly ( meaning on Patch, facebook and perhaps other media) is this 15 year old boy. I applaud your passion Jeffrey, and you sound like an intelligent young man. But honestly, I would like to have an exchange with decision makers, the point people in this whole mess. I get that this is a huge passion of yours but as a mother of three - I can't really continue to go back and forth with you as you simply do not have the life experience to embrace the concerns of the folks in Webber Park. So I am going to discontinue logging into this thread as it has become extremely redundant and gratuitous.
Jeffrey Andres Guzman January 18, 2013 at 03:16 PM
OD has had the CEO and other officials speak out at the board hearings. They have indeed addressed issues there and in various documents up on the village page. So you have in fact had opportunities to ask questions and listen to authoritative figures. I'm sorry but the only people being redundant are the opposition. The same people have come to board hearings and have commented on my articles with the same concerns, and it is really tiresome. You're taking money away from the organization every time they have to present themselves at hearings, which they could be using for other services. And for what? To answer the same redundant questions. To point out problems that have already been solved. At first they were understandable but now it is obvious they're just being used to keep OD from moving. And truthfully many people have been making assumptions and posting statistics that are untrue. I'm sure my CEO would be happy to talk to you via email if you have any new issues to bring to the table. You can find her email on the OD website.
Tarrytowner January 18, 2013 at 04:52 PM
Does the CEO and the OD officials live in Webber Park? J.A.G., are you a resident of Webber Park? You all are so for moving your non-stop, ever-growing patient population to a quiet residential neighborhood, I thought maybe one of you is a tax-paying homeowner of Webber Park who supports the move, hmmm, I don't know of any to name. People from SH and TTN who say they support OD, they DON'T live in the neighborhood! And renters, they can move out whenever they want, they aren't bound to their houses like a homeowner is. What insurance does Open Door accept? Can any resident of Webber Park and surrounding residential areas walk in and OD will open their services and programs to these patients? Will they be excluded, turned away? Shouldn't your facility be located where the majority of the surrounding population uses its services. Can any of us be able to walk down the block and get care from Open Door? Do you take Oxford, Cigna, Aetna, United, Blue Cross?
Adrian Berezowsky January 18, 2013 at 05:35 PM
Marian, Are you REALLY trying to insult a highschool sophomore?? And 40 hours a week? I wish I could find a job that required so few hours.....


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