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Vintage Gets Large Turnout for Obama's State of the Union Address

Did you watch the State of the Union Address is White Plains? If so, where? Tell us what you thought of the speech.


All five big screen TVs at in White Plains were tuned into President Barack Obama’s 2012 State of Union speech Tuesday title “An America Built to Last.”

Click here to read the complete speech andhere 

Vintage bartender Jackie Gilligan said there were at least 50 people who came to watch the speech.

“As people streamed in they were all really excited and happy to be here,” said Gilligan. “Every point that Obama made, people were standing and applauding. It was really emotional. It got to me.”

John Ravitz, Executive Vice President and CEO of The Business Council of Westchesterwants to see a bipartisan effort to create new jobs and eliminate regulations in place that make it difficult for businesses to create jobs—and hopes that can happend during an election year.

“I’m a supporter of the president and I thought it was a great speech,” said White Plains Mayor Tom Roach. “I think our economy is turning around. We’re certainly seeing that in White Plains and the State of New York. We still have a long way to go, but we’re trending positively.”

Did you watch Obama’s speech in White Plains? If so, where? Tell us what you think

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