In White Plains, Music as Therapy [VIDEO]

The Music Therapy Institute helps residents cope with disabilities through song.

The Music Therapy Institute in White Plains—part of the Music Conservatory of Westchester—uses sound and song to help residents struggling with ADD, autism, substance abuse and a range of other disabilities.

Above, co-founders Dr. Tina Brescia and Lisa Sandagata sound off on the institute's vision.

The program works with all ages—from youngsters to the elderly—and accepts folks of varying degrees of talent.

"It's not required for them to be accomplished musicians, though many of them are very musical," Brescia said. "It's about being in music with other people."

And while the program often works one-on-one, or with two individuals of similar needs, groups can swell to six, eight or, in some cases, 20.

"These are more like percussion extravaganzas, drum circles," Brescia said.


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