Moms Talk Q&A: Is Your Daughter Growing Up Too Fast?

Welcome to our weekly feature on hot topics among local moms. This week's topic: How do you make sure that you’re daughter isn’t growing up too fast?

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Moms Talk will also be the place to drop in for a talk about the latest parenting hot topics. Where are the best 24-hour pharmacies? How to get a picky eater to eat? Where can we get information on local flu shot clinics for children?

So grab a cup of coffee and settle in as we start the conversation with today’s topic: How do you make sure that you’re daughter isn’t growing up too fast?

In a world where young girls are constantly bombarded with images of super-thin, overly made-up females, who are at each other’s throats and obsessed with boys—how do you keep your daughter grounded to ensure that she grows to be a strong woman, with high self-esteem and a healthy self image?

Does your tween want to start dating? Is that too serious for her age, or do you see it as just a puppy love schoolgirl crush? Is your tween asking to wear make-up? What age will you allow your daughter to wear make-up? Are little girls obsessed with their weight at a young age? What do you do to help your daughter have a positive body image?

Parents give us your expert advice on how you make sure that you’re daughter isn’t growing up too fast in the comments. 


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