Read: A Stirring Eulogy for Chief Delanoy

Late Deputy Fire Chief Delanoy lauded as "son of the city" by safety commissioner David Chong.

Read White Plains Safety Commissioner David Chong's euology for Deputy Fire Chief William Delanoy, 58, who passed away last Wednesday. Chong and Delanoy were longtime friends and colleagues.

Read about Delanoy's passing here. Read about his funeral here.


"Thank You Delanoy and Delvecchio Families, most specifically to Billy’s beloved high school sweetheart, his wife, Joanne, his sons, Christopher, Paul and Gregory, his Father, Joseph, His Father-in-Law, Former City Mayor Alfred Delvecchio, and the entire Delanoy and Delvecchio families. Thank you all, for the honor and privilege in allowing me to say a few words about the Department of Public Safety's, Deputy Fire Chief William Delanoy and my friend Billy.

First of all, to Joanne, Christopher, Paul, Gregory, Billy’s dad Joseph, and the entire extended Delanoy and Delvecchio families, on behalf of our Mayor, Thomas Roach, all of our Common Council members, Fire Chief Richard Lyman, Police Chief James Bradley, and every Commissioner ,official in this City, elected and appointed, every employee in this city, and the many thousands of people who throughout the County and the region that have been lucky enough to be touched over the years by Billy, we extend to you, our deepest condolences and you have our heartfelt prayers.

Many words have been spoken in the last few days, all true and heartfelt about Deputy Chief William Delanoy.  To say that Billy will be missed seems such an understatement.  Those words just don’t seem to put it in the right perspective. 

Although Deputy Chief Delanoy was a legend in our Fire Department, a great Chief and leader, a man who was so dedicated to a profession he loved, to his fellow firefighters who he groomed, trained and protected, a man dedicated to this city, he always was just “our” Billy.  Never did I ever witness him having a bad day and never did I ever witness him without the constant smile and that confident attitude.  He’d light up a room by just walking in. He could speak to anyone, from Mayor’s and Commissioner’s to Kindergartener’s, and if no one was listening, he could talk to himself. 

Deputy Chief William Delanoy was a “can do guy”.  Nothing seemed to faze him, no matter if it was a huge fire, a difficult rescue, a firefighter injured, a personal matter with a family member or a friend, Billy would be able to think it out and work it out, and most importantly be there to help out. He was the star quarterback for a championship team.

 I could stand here for days speaking about all the lives that Billy has touched, there are so many instances that Billy was just there for everyone.

 That's how special Billy is to all of us packed into this church and standing outside.  It seemed to me like the entire City of White Plains came to his wake to pay their respects.

Here are some of the personal reflections I have of just some of the many conversations I had with Billy.
To Joanne, know that Billy loved you from the first day he saw you.  He told me that you were High School sweethearts, and he was so looking forward to the day you both retired.  That his love for you is everlasting.

To his sons, Christopher our Firefighter, Gregory, the business man and Paul, the NYPD Officer, He spoke of each and everyone one of you, and his pride in you, his boys, his sons,  you just glowed from his heart.  All fathers love their children, his love and pride in each of you just shined through with every passing year as you grew older and more successful.

To his Dad, Joe, thank you for Billy, he’s in heaven taking care of mom, thank you for your 35 years of service to this City as a firefighter and a fire lieutenant.  Billy learned from the very best, sir.

To his Brother’s in the Fire Department, please know that he defended the fire service and the profession and each of you with passion. He loved the Fire Department he loved his fire brothers.  He wore that uniform and what it stood for with honor.

I will miss my Deputy Chief, my friend, my confidant.  Billy, you taught me so much about the Fire Service and its traditions and culture.  I am a better person because of you my friend.  I think we all agree that we are all better because we were touched by Billy. 

Heaven has gained another angel, although in our hearts and minds much too soon.  Knowing Billy, he’s already put together a Yankee and Giants fan club of Angels.  He is waiting for spring training and he is debating all the other angels in heaven about how best to run the team on earth. I also know that he is no longer angry at the Giants and the PSL.  He now has front row seats.

That’s our Billy, the man, the legend, the friend, the angel and a true son of the City of White Plains.  There will be no other like him, so today we retire your number Deputy Chief William Delanoy.  We will never forget you and the legacy you left us.  We are all better people because of you.  This City is a better place because of you.

So please, everyone in this church today, please rise and join me as we salute Deputy Chief William Delanoy, The Delanoy and Delvecchio families for all that they have done to make our lives better.  Let’s give our Billy and his family the standing ovation that he deserves.

We miss you Chief, I miss you Dear friend.  Rest in eternal peace."


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