Where in White Plains?

Let us know if you recognize this half-hidden landmark.

Think you know White Plains?

If you can identify this half-hidden landmark, let us know. The first correct comment wins.

Past winners

User Points Michelle Greenbaum
2 Sandra Harrison
1 John 1 Kathy S. 1
Stacey Glaser February 26, 2013 at 05:10 PM
This is the Sears elevator on the way to H & R Block.
Kimberly Grant February 26, 2013 at 07:05 PM
The Escalator in the food court going down to the lower level in the galleria!
Susie M. February 26, 2013 at 07:08 PM
Yes elevator to ground floor of Sears.
Chris Cayanan February 26, 2013 at 07:14 PM
Galleria - escalator from the food court to the basement level
maryana February 26, 2013 at 07:15 PM
Galleria Mall, escalator from a food court to the ground floor.
Kevin Zawacki (Editor) February 26, 2013 at 11:27 PM
That's it!


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