Batboy the Musical Auditions

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Little Radical Theatrics, Inc. (LRT) will be hosting OPEN AUDITIONS for its Winter 2012 production, the Lucille Lortel and Outer Critics Circle Award-winning "giggling cult hit", BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL!

* Open to all persons 16+ and ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. *

Based on a story ripped straight from The Weekly World News tabloid, BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is a faux-horror musical comedy about a half boy/half bat creature who is rescued fro m a cave near Hope Falls, West Virginia, and taken in by the empathetic wife of the local veterinarian. “Edgar," as he's named, quickly learns to speak and act in civilized ways as a "normal" boy – even falling in love for the first time. Danger looms, however, when a murderous rampage sweeps Hope Falls, and the town learns of a deep, dark secret, and the shocking story of Bat Boy's unholy origin is revealed. This off-kilter satire, which will reunite the director and choreographer that brought the Westchester Premiere of REEFER MADNESS!, offers clever send-ups to other celebrated musicals, a hilarious book, surprising twists and turns of plot, and a lesson in the agony of being different and accepting your inner beast. 


     Bat Boy - Also referred to as "Edgar."Tenor.Should read ages 16-18

     Meredith Parker - Wife to Thomas. Mezzo. Should read age 35-40

   Thomas Parker - Also referred to as "Doctor Parker." The town veterinarian. Husband to Meredith. Baritone. Should read ages 35-40

Shelley Parker - The rebellious daughter of Thomas and Meredith. Girlfriend of Rick. Falls in love with Edgar. Soprano. Should read age 16-18

Sheriff Reynolds - The local sheriff, coming up for re-election. Sometimes doubles as Delia.

Rick Taylor - A rowdy, spelunking teenager. Kin to Ron and Ruthie, son of Mrs. Taylor. Boyfriend of Shelley. Tenor who raps. Commonly doubles as Lorraine and Mr. Dillon.

Ron Taylor - A rowdy, spelunking teenager. Kin to Rick, and Ruthie, son of Mrs. Taylor. Usually a drag role. Commonly doubles as Maggie.

Ruthie Taylor - A rowdy, spelunking teenager. Youngest of three. Kin to Rick and Ron, daughter of Mrs. Taylor. Commonly doubles as Ned.

Mrs. Taylor - An overprotective, aggressive mother. Mother of Rick, Ron, and Ruthie. Usually a drag role. Commonly doubles as Reverend Hightower and Roy.

Lorraine - A townswoman. Usually a drag role. Commonly doubles as Rick and Mr. Dillon.

Delia - A townswoman. Usually a drag role. Sometimes doubles as Sheriff.

Maggie - The mayor of Hope Falls. Commonly doubles as Ron.

Daisy - A townswoman. Usually a drag role. Commonly doubles as Bud and Pan.

Mr. Dillon - A rancher. Sometimes doubles as Lorraine and Rick.

Bud - A rancher. Commonly doubles as Pan and Daisy.

Ned - A rancher. Usually a drag role. Commonly doubles as Ruthie.

Roy - A townsman. Often doubles as Mrs. Taylor and Rev. Hightower.

Clem - A townsman. Usually a drag role. Often doubles as Ron and Maggie.

Reverend Billy Hightower - A preacher and faith healer who holds a travelling TentRevival/Barbecue. Commonly doubles as Mrs. Taylor and Roy.

Pan - The Greek satyr-god of nature. Commonly doubles as Bud and Daisy.

A Doctor - Commonly doubles as Bud, Daisy and Pan.

Institute Man - Commonly doubles as Mrs. Taylor, Roy and Rev. Hightower.

Please prepare 32 bars of contemporary musical theatre song showing range, comedic timing, and acting ability. Musical numbers from the show will be accepted. An accompanist will be provided. No monologue required. Have headshot/resume available upon request.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 (7:00pm-9:00pm)
Monday, November 12, 2012 (7:00-9:00pm)

Weeknights and Sunday afternoons
@ ArtsWestchester 
31 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY

January 18-26, 2013
@ the Westchester Sandbox Theatre
931(c) East Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck, NY

Any questions please e-mail littleradicals@aol.com or call 914-589-1669


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