Letter to the Editor: Power Failures due to Faulty Transformers?

Power came back on yesterday for residents near Archer Place in Tarrytown, but probably could have been restored days earlier.

Let me first say that I know nothing about electricity but this is what seems to have happened.  

Residents on Archer Place and East Elizabeth Street in Tarrytown got power back at 11:00 am Thursday after Hurricane Irene hit. The interesting point of this story is that it appears that it had absolutely nothing to do with the hurricane. 

The transformer "tripped" to protect itself because there was a power serge related to the downed wires on Benedict Avenue where they worked for days to get power restored.  

I called ConEd several times daily to tell them the transformer on Archer Place had a red light lit up indicating it had power and simply needed to be reset. They finally came with 6 trucks and a dozen men from out of state (not ConEd). One man climbed a ladder spent about eight minutes on the pole and the power was back on.  

Residents have been complaining to ConEd for more than two years that power periodically would go out for no reason and nothing has been done to replace this faulty transformer. What does one have to do to get anything done with ConEd?  

Sadly power could have been restored immediately after it went out if they came by just to reset the transformer and everyone in the area would not have had to suffer for 4 days.  

Rich Caldropoli

Elizabeth Connors September 03, 2011 at 07:39 PM
OnThursday or Friday, on Rte. 9 between Ossining and Sleepy Hollow, a couple of Con Ed vehicles with cherrypickers raised were blocking one lane. Next to them stood at least 12, maybe more, Con Ed guys, just standing together, doing nothing. Maybe there was a good reason, but it sure looked strange. Circle of Friends? Break time?


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