Poll: Did Somerset Collection Handle Breastfeeding Flash Mob Appropriately?

Eleven moms were told they could not openly nurse their children at the mall Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon, security and management at before it could begin, telling event organizer Mary Napoli that she could not hold a flash mob of any kind at the mall.

But when Napoli asked, "So, you don't allow nursing in the mall?" a mall manager replied: "Not in public, we don't."

The Somerset Collection later issued a statement saying the mall does allow breastfeeding, though it does not allow "demonstrating or protesting of any kind, as we are private property."

On Facebook and Patch, 's reaction to the breastfeeding flash mob has sparked a debate that has garnered support both for Napoli and other nursing moms as well as support for the mall's decision to stop the flash mob.

"How dare they think they have the right to 'allow' or 'disallow' a mother to feed her child?" Kristen Kurze Woudstra commented. "Shame on you, Somerset Collection."

"Breast feeding should be permitted. Flash mob, no. Somerset collection is a business venue not a public forum for political statements," Katie Taylor Mowrey wrote on Facebook. "You don't have a right to plan a public display on someone else's private property."

"Organizing a 'flash mob' and breastfeeding just because, is wrong," Jennie Carleton commented in part. "If we want to gain respect of (others), do not do this. Feeding your child while you are out shopping or whatever is one thing, organizing a flash mob is another."

"It really is just simply a (woman) feeding her baby. It's as natural as it gets," Terri Mielock-Williams wrote on Facebook. "Now the flash mob... not sure Somerset would be the right choice."

Mary Napoli December 21, 2011 at 01:25 AM
Jen - NOT having Flashmobs is NOT their policy. They totally lied about this. So this poll is not really done correctly. Their facebook page says that, but this is NOT true. They allow flashmobs and breastfeeding, but their security guards were misinformed on both. They need to know about the flashmobs in advance, which they did. They stopped me before I could even breastfeed. I really wish you could re word this poll, because Somerset keeps contradicting themselves with the whole flash mobs thing. They DO ABSOLUTELY allow flash mobs.
ljd December 21, 2011 at 02:17 PM
Atom, good comment.....I just don't understand why there is such a problem with public breastfeeding. When your child is hungry you feed it right? I think if we took the word "breast" out of the word then those with the dirty or perverted minds wouldn't know the difference perhaps? Why is it some people are so uncomfortable when a mother nurses her child, whether in public OR NOT? I nursed my child, way back, and I was ok till someone would get to staring like an idiot, and then I got uncomfortable. Those that make such a to-do about nursing should seek proper help. Here is a silly point, boys walk around with their underwear showing, girls wear tops with an abundance of clevege or their bras showing and in the summer their buttcheeks hanging out from their shorts..basically, people are out there half dressed etc.....but a woman nursing is forbidden!!! Your second paragraph......yes, I agree, a so called flash mob wasn;t the way to go. I think if they all just happened to NEED to feed their babies at the same time would have been a nice non shalant way to go.....
ljd December 21, 2011 at 02:20 PM
Mary, I was just curious, did you or any of your lady friends have a problem in the recent past nursing your children at the mall? Like, had you previously attempted to nurse and they told you not to? I guess I was wondering what prompted you to form the flas mob thing.....thanks
Lucille Musser Arking December 22, 2011 at 05:06 PM
Mary , I do not understand what it was you were trying to accomplish . I would fight for a beautiful breast feeding lounge where Icould feed my baby in a clean and safe relaxing environment . To me it is not about breast feeding in public it is what would be best for my child . It is also about good manners in public . I UNDERSTAND THERE WAS NO DRAPING FOR THE CHILDS PROTECTION and warmth .
Sue December 31, 2011 at 07:21 AM
People against breastfeeding in public in society in general are really messed up, We are human beings and God made women with mammary glands to feed the infants we have born. Now when it comes to the animal world with families visiting the zoos , there doesnt seem to be a big problem at all, no cover ups no lounges for mothers of new born baby animals required.Actually moms are encouraged to view the new baby animals, and that is part of the VIEWING.God! what is wrong with these people. and I am not saying we are animals...My point being it is a natural process in life, and if you cant handle nature , than these people need a real education.


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