The Key to Spring Hair is Color

Beautiful spring hair is all about the color, according to Westchester stylist Julius Michael.

Spring is finally here, so what's up with your hair? I find that by the end of winter most of my clients are bored with their look.  They want a fun, sexy change to welcome the spring and rush into summer.

So here's my major hair color secret—as I promised!

What I have been doing to almost all of my clients is coloring the roots, then going in and foiling the remaining hair.  It creates a whole new look while blending in with your base color. It really is magic if you want a dramatic effect—or just a sexy, hot, but classy change.

It all depends on the point of time in the color processing at which I foil the hair, and the amount of hair I foil,  to determine this great over all spring/summer look. I  change my subtle warm blondes into sexy butter blondes with an overall highlight tone that is more on the pale blonde side. My brunettes are no longer just warm browns—now they’re sexy warm browns with a spicy overtone.

Another look I love to do this time of year is to highlight select pieces of hair—but just on the ends—for that peekaboo highlight look.

It's spring and everyone wants to change up their boring winter look.  But before you run out and cut off your hair—have fun with color changes instead!  Go wild and experiment!  It's the only way to get a subtle change or a whole new look without chopping off your hair.  But remember... you want to look fabulous and classy, not cheap and trashy!

Happy Spring!

White Plains resident Julius Michael is the author of this column and the trusted stylist to many high-end Westchester clients. See his website at www.JuliusMichael.com or reach him at Julius@JuliusMichael.com or 914.648.9866.

Check back with him every Friday at 3 p.m. for the latest style tips so you can make sure you're looking fabulous at Westchester's weekend hot spots. 

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penny July 07, 2011 at 07:04 PM
what does a full hair color foil cost for someone who has long, dark, thick hair, with and without root touch up? What is the lightest foil color you can make on dark brown hair without it looking good? Can you use a honey blonde?


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