Chef-Jacket Wearing Alleged Thief "On Crack" During Wild Easter Crime Spree In Scarsdale

The White Plains man is being held on $100,000 cash bail after attacking two women and robbing a man.

This was no ordinary Easter Sunday for

The 48-year-old White Plains man sent after he allegedly assaulted a female jogger, assaulted another female and robbed two residents on April 8.

In an arrest report released by Scarsdale Police late this morning, police said the crime spree started Sunday afternoon when a female jogger was approached by Zepeda on Green Acres Avenue, near Walworth Avenue.

The alleged thief was wearing a black winter hat, a white chef's jacket and carrying a yellow gas container when he stopped the jogger and asked, "'Where can I find a gas station?'"

She gave Zepeda directions, turned away, and according to the report, he attempted to "push her into the interior of her car against her will."

The alleged attacker showed her a screwdriver and forced her into her car, according to police. The victim pushed him off and ran off, later making her way to the Scarsdale Police Headquarters.

Just after this incident, a Brite Avenue resident called police, stating someone unlawfully entered his home and stole his cell phone.

Zepeda had made his way to the resident's porch, rang his doorbell and asked to use his phone, saying his car ran out of gas and he needed to call a taxi, according to police.

"The victim lent the suspect his cell phone while he was standing outside on the victim's porch," police said. "The suspect gave him back his cell phone but pushed him back, and pulled out a screwdriver."

The attacker pushed his way into the victim's home and stated, "'I will kill you!'" according to police.

Zepeda then left the house, took the cell phone and fled.

Then, a third incident was called into police. Zepeda allegedly forced his way into a house on 1158 Post Road, stole cash and "physically did attack a female resident by grasping her around the neck while choking her," police said.

Police from Scarsdale, Westchester County, Eastchester and New Rochelle pursued the suspect on Post Road.

After a foot chase and struggle, Scarsdale Police arrested the suspect at 44 Mamaroneck Road.

While police were searching Zepeda, he said, "'I'm sorry, I'm on drugs, I take crack,'" police said. "'I was running because I was scared, I did it because of drugs.'"

He then told police, "'I have a crack pipe and cell phones in my pocket, and I had $300 in my shoe, but my shoe came off as I was running. That's why I came back for the money.'"

Zepeda is being held on $100,000 cash bail at the Westchester County Jail.


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