Homeless Man Found Dead in Park on the Hudson River

Police: the man likely froze to death.


A homeless man was found dead in Nyack's Memorial Park on Christmas Eve.

The man was spotted on the stone steps near the playground by a resident walking his dog on the morning of Dec. 24, Orangetown Police said.

The resident—believing the man was asleep—left the park to purchase him a jacket and breakfast. Upon returning, the resident discovered the man was dead.

Police could not confirm the cause of death as of Friday morning, but believe the man may have froze to death. "There were no signs of assault," said Sgt. George Garrett.

Authorities identified the man as Orlando Florez, a 46-year-old who called the streets of Nyack home.

Garrett said Florez was a familiar face to Orangetown Police, and was often drinking—the man may have passed out the night before due to alcohol, police said.

Florez has no next of kin to contact, Garrett said.

James Wilson January 03, 2013 at 10:22 PM
Another winter and more drunks freezing to death all across America. This one was well known and yet he refused, like too many, a shelter for the night. In the city, NYC, it still breaks my heart to see the now more elderly street people; veterans of Viet Nam, the ones who never recovered.
joe jensen January 05, 2013 at 10:49 PM
God bless him. Too many lost due to the disease of alcoholism.


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