Police Stationed Outside City Schools in Wake of CT Shooting

Officials say while there is no immediate threat of danger, police will be outside of all White Plains schools Friday afternoon.

There will be a police presence outside of all White Plains schools during Friday's dismissal as city officials work to comfort concerned parents hours after a mass shooting in southwestern Connecticut.

As many as 27 people, 18 of them children, were reportedly killed when a gunman opened fire inside Sandy Elementary School in Newtown, CT, Friday morning. 

While there have been no threats of a shooting in White Plains, Assistant Police Chief Anne Fitzsimons said officers will be stationed outside of each school as a precaution.

"It's more to let the community know we are aware of it and to help them feel safe," FitzSimmons said. Officers are expected to remain at the schools "until appropriate", probably the late afternoon.

White Plains School Superintendent Chris Clouet said he has also sent a call out to parents in the district "letting them know that we share their sense of bewilderment at the tragedy in Connecticut and we are going to do everything possible to keep our schools safe."

Clouet said the district is preparing to setup students with counselors on Monday morning and will provide for student needs when they return to class after the weekend.

"We will continue our work to keep our kids safe," he said.


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