Ex-Mayor Adam Bradley Wins Appeal

The Appellate Division Court in Brooklyn has ruled former White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley did not receive a fair trial when he was convicted of domestic violence charges in 2010, ABC News reports.

An appeals court has overturned the conviction of former White Plains mayor Adam Bradley, ruling Bradley wasn't given a fair trial when a judge found him guilty of domestic violence charges in 2010, ABC News reports.

A judge convicted Bradley in 2010 of attempting to assault his wife Fumiko Bradley. He was sentenced to three years probation.

On Wednesday, the Appellate Division Court in Brooklyn ruled Bradley should have been able to call witnesses who would have challenged Fumiko's credibility, according to the ABC News report. Those witnesses were expected to testify the former mayor's wife previously stated the door had shut on her hand accidentally, the report said.

The original trial judge ruled that the testimony would be "too remote or speculative", but the appeals court ruled the testimony was "relevant his wife's credibility", according to the ABC News report. Fumiko Bradley was a key witness in the case against Bradley.

After his conviction in December 2010, Bradley issued a statement saying the charges against him were "false and unfounded" and that he planned to appeal.

"I did not in any way mistreat my wife," he said in the statement. "I still believe that the truth will ultimately come out in the judicial process, and it is for this reason that I will appeal."

Bradley initially refused to resign as mayor, but eventually stepped down in February 2011.

Adam and Fumiko Bradley are currently in divorce proceedings, they have two children.

Bradley was also charged with violating a court order when he called his wife after the trial. Bradley has blamed the calls on "butt dials", according to reports.


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