Judge Upholds $290K Lawyer Bill in '11 Case

The U.S. Second Court of Appeals rejected the City of White Plains' argument in Manhattan Tuesday.

A federal appeals court has upheld a previous decision to award two lawyers $290,000 in payments after winning a $30,000 settlement for their clients against the City of White Plains last year, The New York Post Reports.

Attorneys Michael Spiegel and Scott Korenbaum were awarded the payment in 2011 after representing three clients arrested for allegedly intervening when friends were in a confrontation with police, according to the report. Spiegel had charged $625 per-hour; Korenbaum charged $450, The Post reports.

The U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected the City of White Plains' claim that the original $30,000 settlement included attorney's fees. The decision was unanimous, the report said.

”While the total amount of fees and the hourly rates charged by counsel in this case could give pause, defendants neither object to those rates nor demonstrate any abuse of discretion relating to the calculation of the fee award,” according to the judges' decision, according to the report.


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