Tarrytown Board Makes Some Parking Changes

The Tarrytown Board passed a few resolutions for minor changes to parking names and rules west of the train tracks.

First off: yes stopping, but no parking will now be the rule at the West Main Street traffic circle. This new Tarrytown Board resolution is meant to enable drivers to drop off passengers to access Scenic Hudson RiverWalk Park, and is considered especially important for access for the disabled. 

“We have drop curbs in the circle to provide such access, but No Stopping made it illegal to actually stop and drop people off,” Village Administrator Mike Blau said.

In other Board of Trustees action, parking lots were renamed surrounding the Tarrytown Train Station.

Previously there was only one commuter parking lot on the west side of the railroad tracks, which was called the non-resident commuter parking lot. 

“The problem with that name was twofold," said Blau. "First, the use of the lot is not restricted just to non-residents; second, we now have three commuter parking lots on the west side the railroad tracks."

The parking lots are now officially dubbed the Green Street North parking lot, the Green Street South parking lot, and the West Main Street parking lot.

Still there aren't enough sidewalks along with the parking upgrades to appease Patch reader "Joy." She commented in late December:

Doesn't appear that these sidewalks are in store for 2012...after all the work completed by the train, we still need a safe way for pedestrians walking parallel to the tracks to walk. The tiny old sidewalk parallel to the tracks was made inaccessible. Walkers walking south -- from the H Bridge, West Main or from the cars they just parked -- have to walk in traffic to get to the stairs leading to the tracks. Essentially the walking path is between parked cars and oncoming traffic. And as the parked cars are started, pedestrians are sandwiched between cars backing out and oncoming traffic. It is a bad accident waiting to happen.

Then added this update a few days ago when an accident did nearly happen:

Still no sign of progress on the sidewalks. I was "tapped" by an SUV on Monday (the driver was backing up to readjust his parking spot.) It I hadn't hit the car with my arm it certainly would have hit me more significantly.

Has walking through the new parking lot been an issue for you? Weigh in in the comments.

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Krista Madsen January 14, 2013 at 06:24 PM
You're right, they are in the park and not in the lot where they seem most needed.
joy January 14, 2013 at 10:06 PM
Let's hope this is resolved!
RVG January 14, 2013 at 10:11 PM
The board is about to make a bad situation much worse. There are "No Stopping Anytime" signs that are virtually ignored by the thousands of drivers each year who illegally stop, stand, idle and park at all times of the day and night. Maybe 1% of them are "dropping off" the elderly, infirm or otherwise. The others are either too lazy or arrogant to park legally in the many available spaces provided next to the circle. Relaxing the rules will simply cause more to take advantage, all to the detriment and potential danger of park visitors and nearby homeowners. And violators will continue to avoid intervention by the police or traffic officers. There is no enforcement. The board, police chief and transportation counsel have been advised of the myriad of problems (i.e., potential pedestrian accidents and quality of life breaches), and given many ideas for addressing the situation. Yet this is their contraindicated response. At the very least, signs should read: FOR DROP-OFF ONLY / NO STOPPING, NO STANDING, NO IDLING, NO PARKING, and some monitoring and enforcement must begin.
Rol January 15, 2013 at 12:59 PM
I also think the parking lot is dangerous - very hard to walk from your car to the overpass. No crosswalks even. , Sidewalks are located out of the way and not along the routes toward the overpass.
John Anderson January 15, 2013 at 01:45 PM
Look at the taxi stand. Are you serious? You should see elderly people trying to get a taxi. Half of those taxis shouldn't be on the road, obtaining inspection stickers in the Bronx without actually being inspected, dashboards are lit up like a Christmas trees. Check engine, abs, brake, trac-control, etc. I also hear now that several drivers are operating with expired WCTLC drivers licenses, that plan worked well.


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