White Plains Candidate Election Guide 2011

A guide to your local election on Nov. 8

What do you think of the job City government is doing? How about the County government? Are the issues you care about being heard, and addressed?

On Nov. 8, White Plains residents can make sure local government is hearing them by electing candidates to the White Plains Common Council and Westchester County Board of Legislators. Click here to find your polling location.

The following individuals are running for three 4-year terms, and one 2-year term on the White Plains Common Council:

  • 2-year term
  • , 4-year term
  • , 4-year term
  • , 4-year term
  • ), 4-year term
  • , 4-year term
  • , 4-year term
  • , 2-year term

The following individuals are running for two 2-year terms on the Westchester County Board of Legislators representing District 5 (White Plains, Scarsdale) and District 8 (White Plains, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Elmsford, Greenburgh):

  •  District 5
  • , District 5
  • District 8 (uncontested)

Click on the candidate’s name to read more about them, and click here to find out where your polling place is located. 

Click for a story on the election for state supreme court. 

Form Stories

Click for a story on a forum held for the board of legislators candidates.

The White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations jointly hosted a Candidate's Night for the council and board of legislators candidates on Oct. 13 with the Woman's Club of White Plains, click to watch the video.

The White Plains League of Women Voters held its forum for council candidates on Oct. 24, click for that story.

The Concerned Citizens for Open Space hosted a forum for council candidates on Oct. 27, which was moderated by White Plains Patch, click here to watch the video. 

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Dan Seidel November 01, 2011 at 10:48 PM
Come, Watson, Come! The game is afoot! - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Michael P. Amodio November 02, 2011 at 12:56 PM
Ms. Huber is correct. For the last few months I have written letters to the Journal News and other media outlets to emphasize the need for an opposition voice on counsel. Without it there is no chack and balance on the arrogance of the current majority party who have controlled the council for the last 20 years. First they delaying releasing the budget so Mayor Roach won't have to discuss it during the special election and now they have delayed action on FASNY so their candiates won't have to discuss it during this election campaign. Mr. Martin is correct when he says the fact that council votes are 7-0 speaks volumes. It says the council members are not doing their jobs and just accepting whatever the Mayor says and if he be a Democrat - all the better. No one should serve on council unless they are willing to question the Mayor and department heads about the budget and policy. We had a council of "yes-men" and empty suits for too long. Its time to break the monopoly and elect some Republcans who won't accept everything at face value.
Dan Seidel November 03, 2011 at 04:48 PM
Dr. Samuel Johnson: Olson Johnson is right. What kind of people are we anyhow? I say we stay and fight it out! Gabby Johnson: [indistinct] Howard Johnson: Dr. Samuel Johnson's right about Olson Johnson being right. And I'm not giving up my ice cream parlor, that I built with these two hands, for nothing or nobody. [murmuring] Sam Johnson: Howard Johnson is right! Van Johnson: Right! Howard Johnson: Thank you, Van. - Blazing Saddles
Dan Seidel November 04, 2011 at 07:27 PM
Some serious stuff now: Terrence Guerriere was on the Planning Board until 2004. Query: did he oppose the City Center (massive SEQRA violations from what Prof. Nick Robinson from Pace Law said) and did he oppose Jefferson Place? or at least question the water usage of the projects and how that would affect residential rate payers in WP? or the stormwater flows and how those would add to the quantity/accumulations trying to get downstream? I submit the answer is no. Other than the French School issue/sale, Gedney Association had been silent. Gedney Assocaition was even silent on the proposal of Burke to make a truck entrance on Macy for the rehab of the buildings and building of the running track. Apparently only when a neighbor of mine and I went to that a meeting and threatened a lawsuit did the Burke people basically say :OK, there is nothing to discuss here". Am I wrong? Repubs have been silent on EVERYTHING including Adam Bradley's domestic violence issues. The Dems took point and we removed our bad apple (Adam's conduct helped). Vote DENNIS KROLIAN!! VOTE DEMS!!! LET'S CONTINUE THE REVERSAL OF THE DELFINO/YEAR 2001 COMMITTEE YEARS OF GIVEAWAYS AND DEBACLES AND SPECIAL INTEREST CRONYISM!!! GET OUT THE VOTE!!!
Rory O'Brien November 08, 2011 at 09:25 PM
I have known John for many years and absolutely verify his statement which could not be more accurate. He is a very good man for the job, with plenty of balance between "business" and "common" sense. I myself am not a member of either party, and in fact would share these same comments about Terence Guerriere. Rory O'Brien


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