City Schools Estimate $190K in Sandy Damage

The most expensive damage has been reported at Highlands Middle School, where several windows were broken in the auditorium.

School administrators are estimating the district accrued $190,000 in damage during Superstorm Sandy, most of which is expected to be covered by FEMA.

Freid Seiler, assistant superintendent for business in White Plains City School District, said the most expensive damage was at Highlands Middle School. The storm broke some large windows in the school's auditorium. He estimated the windows will cost about $75,000 to replace.

The rest of the expenses were for tree removal and general cleanup, Seiler said.

"We didn't experience the damage that I know some school districts did, especially on Long Island," Seiler said.

The windows at Highland Middle School have been boarded up and students are still able to use the auditorium. All of the other storm-related damage has been cleaned up.

"(The windows) will take us a little bit of time to replace because they are old windows," Seiler said. "Once we get the windows in and get installed we will be good there."

The school district has already filed paperwork with FEMA and its insurance company and Seiler said he expects "most, if not all" of the damage to be covered.


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