White Plains Gets Ready to Begin Search for New Schools Superintendent

City schools chief Christopher Clouet named finalist for superintendent's post in Tarrytown.

Nothing's final yet, but the White Plains school district is getting set to begin a search for a new schools superintendent.

On Friday, the city learned that Superintendent Christopher Clouet, hired in 2009, is the finalist for the superintendent's job in Tarrytown.

"The opportunity to work in Tarrytown is exciting for me," Clouet said. "Because of its size, I look forward to being able to have more direct contact with students while continuing to work on 21st Century challenges facing all schools."

White Plains is anticipating Tarrytown school officials to be visiting White Plains schools in February, and Clouet is scheduled to meet with the Tarrytown school community on Feb. 13. 

“The Board of Education appreciates Dr. Clouet’s service to White Plains and wishes him well in his future endeavors," said White Plains school board president Rosemarie Eller. "Our Board is well aware of the excellent reputation of the White Plains educational system and we will work diligently to continue that tradition.”

White Plains says that as a deal with Tarrytown and Clouet is finalized, the city district will detail its plans to find a new superintendent.

"I have been honored to work for the children of White Plains since 2009," said Clouet. "The district has adapted thoughtfully to rapidly changing times thanks to the strong team of teachers and administrators who collaborate well."

Dan Seidel January 27, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Since the BOE unceremoniously fired Saul Yanofsky, we hired 2 losers who care only about salary and benefit increases and not the district. No loyalty, no sticking it out. Maybe the BOE is not the best we can have. After all, they accept on p.17 of the Core Curriculum for Social Studies ("Global") from the NYS Dept of Ed as "ok" - IT IS THE ONLY ILLUSTRATION IN THE ENTIRE 70 PAGE DOCUMENT -- A FULL PAGE GREEN HAGIA SOFIA MOSQUE IN INSTANBUL!!!!! what is THAT all about? Why is that in the core curriculum? Our blind current Supt had no comment - he just smiled for the camera - watch the BOE meeting from January, 2013 (Thurs nites, 7:30 and 9:30) - you'll be amazed. Houston- we have a severe ed. problem. Bye Chris! You sucked us dry for $$$$$$$ and benes. No guts. No smarts. No leadership. No awards. No checking what the kids get taught from infiltrated curriculum. Parents: check your kids books - we are NOT teaching them American Exceptionalism!!! We are teaching them to be dummies and fools. These kids know nothing when I get them in college classes. I have to re-educate them in American culture and values and law. Clouet fools the people. The BOE does NOT do its job! wow. You will be Tarrytown's problem now. HAH!
Transparency January 27, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Dr. Clouet's Hit & Run For The Money. Leaving the WP taxpayer in long term bonded debt, and a failed WP educational vision. Dr. Clouet is a taxpayer deficit liability. The Accountability & Responsibility of WP Superintendent Clouet is the failed obligations of the WP BOE all six members with the lack in oversight and accountability by BOE President Ms. Eller and VP Mr. Norris. Allowing Clouet to control them, not the reverse. The BOE makes the decisions, in Clout's case lack of decisions and oversight. Spinning us into long-term taxpayer dept left with a cosmetic educational system. Don’t blame Clouet blame the BOE. Superintendent Clouet is the bunny rabbit always running around building up his financial nest at taxpayer’s expense. Costing the WP taxpayer 1.3 million in his salary and bennies. Finally gone we hope. BOE it’s time you did the proper vetting appraisal by public opinion for the next WP Superintendent. Give us transparency. We should know what we are paying for next time. Good luck Tarrytown taxpayers. One problem less for White Plains taxpayer pockets.


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